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Promoting your wiki project

Creating designated Facebook and Twitter pages is a great way to promote your wiki, share news and updates, advertise calls to action, and communicate with fellow project members. There are many other social media options like Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest which may also prove to be helpful. Use whatever channels you are comfortable with, and feel free to let a trusted fellow project member cover one platform while you use another.

Keeping your social media active

There are many ways to keep up to date, keep trying different methods until you find one that works for you.

Follow/Friend your topical community

Find the social media hotspots where your community is currently gathered. Friend and follow those hotspot accounts. Watch for opportunities to join the conversation within your topical community. These thought leaders can also be used as a source of fresh material to post on your wiki's accounts.

Get content email alerts

If you have a google account you can create Google alerts that are emailed to you whenever a particular topic of interest has new search results added.

Schedule Posts

Batch create a bunch of content to cover the next week and use a social media scheduler to schedule that content to come out regularly during the week. For example, try using Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts to appear on both Twitter and Facebook.



What suggestions do you have for creating successful wiki projects?

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