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  1. – 3D printing
  2. – the Ada Developers Academy addresses diversity in Seattle's tech community
  3. – anarchism
  4. – aquaponics; French
  5. – teaching Chinese and Japanese through a fictional story set in Arcania City
  6. – autodidacticism; German
  7. – dance techniques
  8. – for a Pokemon fangame which takes place in the Batin region
  9. – about the American science fiction franchise Battlestar Galactica; French
  10. – dedicated to the television series Bella and the Bulldogs
  11. – environmental art
  12. Brony.wikiMy Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the My Little Pony franchise, and its fandom
  13. C9th.wikiContinent of the Ninth (or C9) is an online Korean video game
  14. – wiki environment for Camilo Tapia and his students
  15. – game cheats
  16. Clash of Clans Wiki – about the strategy video game Clash of Clans
  17. – for faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University; Russian
  18. – cryptocurrencies
  19. – community theatre
  20. – researched and conflict-free alternatives and recipes to common household products
  21. – family-friendly activities and resources in Cordova, Alaska
  22. – dedicated to the Polish Minecraft server; Polish
  23. – Washington, D.C.
  24. – physician assisted dying and end of life options
  25. DevilsLegacy.wikiDevil's Legacy, a Kickstarter project for an anime, a manga and a video game
  26. DNS Seal of Approval and Award Project – Internet behaviors and best practices for the DNS industry
  27. – documentation for an application that is being developed by students as part of the capstone project for the Master's degree in Computer Science at Notre Dame de Namur University; "EAP" is an acronym for "Emergency Action Plan"
  28. – EFL is an acronym for "English as a Foreign Language"; the project English as a Foreign Language Resources and Materials is connected to a community of teachers
  29. – documentation by the project team of Enigmail, a free and open source OpenPGP plugin for Mozilla applications
  30. – extraterrestrial life, including reports of contact, types, and popular culture depictions
  31. – fictional travel destinations
  32. Finders of the Path Wiki – for collaborative storytelling by a tabletop RPG group
  33. – food startup companies and practices
  34. – Full Runa is a transmediatic product set in a futuristic/cyberpunk universe
  35. – dedicated to the body of all life
  36. – dedicated to game shows
  37. – RPG gaming group
  38. – study abroad documentation; Chinese
  39. – about the domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy
  40. – government systems, governance, politics, legislators and policies
  41. – about the Grand Theft Auto franchise
  42. – Hitman Agency is a clan for games
  43. Heria's Empire Wiki – about the RPG Minecraft server called "Heria's Empire"; Italian
  44. – about Hillary Clinton
  45. – the Hong Kong Politics DB is a project to keep Hong Kongers well informed for elections; Chinese (Traditional; zh-hant)
  46. – homeschooling
  47. – idioms
  48. – Igualada is a municipality of the province of Barcelona in Spain; Catalan
  49. – Instituto Profesional Chileno Británico de Cultura; Spanish
  50. – Kannada films (India)
  51. – "Kuchařka" ("cookbook") is a project to help students at MMF UK, the Prague institution also known as Matfyz; Czech
  52. – lefthandedness
  53. L'hospitalet Wiki – L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (often abbreviated as L'Hospitalet) is a municipality near Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain; Catalan
  54. MarkDilley.Wiki
  55. – for people working in the field of mathematical and fundamental theoretical physics
  56. – medicine
  57. Messenger of God Wiki – dedicated to people who are considered messengers of God
  58. – More+ is a Minecraft mod
  59. – portal and resource for all the NationStates wikis
  60. – research about Arabic and Arab tribes history ("nawadir" generally means "anecdotes"); Arabic
  61. – how to build the (GPLed) NeoOffice office package from source
  62. NR Enduro Series Wiki
  63. – volunteer peer reviewed MediaWiki-based academic journal
  65. – about Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion created in 2010
  66. – OUYA console
  68. – Pasaulinė Mokslo Enciklopedija (PME) means "World Encyclopedia of Science"; Lithuanian
  69. – repository for publicly-available information on local police departments and law enforcement agencies
  70. – puns
  71. – renewable energy
  72. – a community project for collecting reviews of... everything!
  73. – for the Computer Science department at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon
  74. – dedicated to the American-Canadian singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright
  75. – rugby
  76. – about spaces which are created with the intention of providing a container for safe dialogue, organized by state
  77. – Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
  78. – about startups, incubators and related resources
  79. – supercars (exotic cars)
  80. – comics and other works
  81. – about art and technology
  82. – about TED Talks and the people who present them
  83. – electronics, electronic circuits (digital, analog, power), MCUs, embedded and real-time programming; Turkish
  84. – Theology of Technology is a collaborative project within the Council of Technology of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
  85. – for Quebec's trans* community; French
  86. – about Unai, a city in Minas Gerais, Brazil; Portuguese
  87. – for the third installment of the indie game Unturned
  88. – repository of terminology, concepts, and other vocabulary for people who are beginning a career in user experience design
  89. – dedicated to vertical cities and sustainable living
  90. – voice and singing synthesis program
  91. – WARSIM is a multiplayer mission for ArmA 3
  92. – for the women's ministry Women Around the Table
  93. – dedicated to the Japanese visual novel series When They Cry
  94. – about the Universidad de Chile; Spanish
  95. – about the Universidad de Chile; Spanish
  97. – dedicated to all things weed (cannabis/marijuana)
  98. (世界新聞 Wiki) – world news; Taiwanese Mandarin (zh-tw)
  99. (世界大典 Wiki) – world dictionary; Taiwanese Mandarin (zh-tw)
  100. – about Zabbix, an enterprise open source monitoring solution for networks and applications

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